Marry Me Sign Project DIY

Worlds Largest Marry Me Sign

2019 Marry Me Project (21).jpg

We bought 5ft by 5ft 1/8 Birch ply from Plywood Hawaii.

Then traced the letters by holding them in front of a projector. The font is Jack Bold.

We cut out all the letters with a track saw. The two R’s were hard to do because the jigsaw kept kicking up the wood. So wehad to sand the edges.

Our first thought was to make small letters. These are about a foot high. We just laser cut them. This showed us that the color was to close to the sand so we ended up painting the letters white.

2019 Marry Me Project (9).JPG

Test to see how big this thing actually is

2019 Marry Me Project (10).JPG


We then got a permit and set up at the beach. 2x4s in back and tent stakes into the ground.

2019 Marry Me Project (20).jpg

This is what her face looked like when she realized this was all for her.

2019 Marry Me Project (21).jpg

She Said Yes

Special Thanks to Jolene Kaneshige Photography for setting this up and taking the really nice pictures.