Wooden Business Cards with case Puzzle Company white background (1).jpg

We Make BUSINESS Cards

Custom made Business Cards. Beautifully made wooden business cards just for your business. Make a lasting impression.

We make Prototypes Pictures main.jpg

Build Anything

Yes, we make prototypes. We make most anything. We pride ourselves on making the unusual. We love new inventions. We want to help you get on Shark Tank or maybe just recreate that long-forgotten object from our youth.

Deluxe Puzzle Book cover 2.jpg

We Make Puzzle Books

Take a book and an escape room and cram them into one and you have got a Puzzle Book. Customizeable and amazing.

Front Picture.jpg

We make Blank JigSaw Puzzles (DIY)

You can create your own beautiful art work on this Jigsaw puzzle. You can paint or use markers. It will become a one of a kind masterpiece.

Triangle Award.jpg

We Make Awards (DIY) (For Sale)

Because they deserve a unique, hand made, real wood award.

Happy Birthday Cakes (11).jpg

Happy Birthday Cake

A wooden Happy Birthday cake with a custom name on it. A completely unique gift.


Physical Apps

We restore old machines and put modern branding on them. It’s a joke. It’s all in good fun, but we do sometime bury them in strange places to confound archaeologists

Connect 4.jpg

Great Big Games

We make huge versions of suspiciously familiar games. We take these games around the island and let children and adults alike delight in playing a game that is bigger than them


We make wonders (DIY)

We can recreate props from your favorite movie or or create something truly original.

Escape Box Treasure Box.JPG

We make Escape Boxes (for sale)

It’s like an escape room, but in a box. Great to play with friends or family. Everything is real, touchable and tangible. You can play it any time, anywhere.

Cinch Main Photo.jpg

We Make Cinchs (DIY) (For Sale)

Ok this one is just a gag gift. We admit it. A Cinch is halfway between a Centimeter and an Inch.

“Through Compromise we can all get along”

Battleshots (1).jpg

Battle Shots (DIY)

Everyone knows how to play Battle Shots already. It encourages drunken shenanigans. The shot glasses can be filled with M&Ms so kids love it too.

Game Boy Patent.jpg

Patent Laser Boards (DIY) (For Sale)

It is truly amazing to see inside the head of the people that design our favorite things

Stone Table (21).jpg

Cement Table DIY

How to build an 800 pound table

Pen Boxes (5).JPG

Wooden Pens DIY

How to make beautiful wooden pens

Kingsmen Box Main.jpg

Kingsman box (DIY) (For Sale)

This is an amazing gift. It’s a custom-made box that contains all the right things to make anyone feel amazing.

duck cover image.jpg

Toy Ducks (DIY) (For Sale)

It’s an adorable toy for kids right out of the past. Toddlers love this toy. Free plans and instructions.

“If you want to prepare a generation of children for a changing world change the toys they play with”
— Dale Dougherty


How Easy is 3d Printing (DIY)

We made a little video and clearly explain just how easy it is to 3d print


Digital Microscope (DIY)

A digital Microscope is a simple camera that zooms in on what you are working on. It is connected to a monitor to show your project in great detail.

Gearbox of happiness main picture.jpg

Gearbox of Happiness (DIY) (For Sale)

A Gearbox that will take 149 million turns of the first gear to reveal what the last gear says. “The Secret of Happiness is __”


How easy is Laser Cutting (DIY)

Laser cutting is so cool and once you learn a few basic things you can cut your own anything!


BIG Hammer (DIY) (For Sale)

How to make a huge Hammer of Power

2019 Marry Me Project (21).jpg

Marry Me Sign Project (DIY)

World’s largest Marry Me sign


Aquaponics System (DIY)

How to make a solar powered Aquaponics system.

Chess (2).jpg

Chess / Checkers DIY

Wooden chess board, with geometric shapes. Step by step DIY

Bean Bag toss main picture.jpg

Bean Bag Toss (DIY)

How to make a very simple Bean Bag Toss


Vinyl Stickers (DIY)

Beautiful, long-lasting stickers with perfect, machine-regulated precision cuts.



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We really believe in a quality product. That means free shipping, no taxes, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you ever have a problem we are here to help.