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We are an honest small business. We want to provide our customers with the best of service and the best product possible. We don’t like hidden fees. We especially don’t like it when we are ready to check out and are suddenly surprised by a lot of taxes and shipping rates that make no sense. We’ve got you covered. Everything is up front.

We also offer a money-back guarantee. We don’t like it when something is wrong with our products, so we certainly don’t expect you to put up with anything less than our best. If there is a problem, don’t worry…we will take care of it. Just contact us: or fill out the form below.

Ask us for your money back or for a brand new one. It’s not a problem.

About US

We are a family living in the United States. We print these books in our bedroom, then glue them in our little shop in the back yard. Our house smells like mahogany. Evan (Dad) has been a woodworker for over 20 years. His father made custom games for children when he was growing up. Jen (Mom) spends countless hours prepping and printing these books. Our kids are some of our best testers. These books have gotten better and better because of our testing process (we give them to a 3 year old). He has systematically found every part that will break. They are now quite hardy. Our whole family donates their time, money and effort at various children’s events to help kids who have illnesses. We test these toys and puzzles with the kids and after years of doing this and more than 1000 kids we have figured out what works and what is not worth playing with.

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Please contact us with any issue or even ideas. We are happy to help.

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