DIY Chess / Checkers

Chess / Checkers Board

Why: It’s a game of kings, that everyone has at least seen before. It’s beautiful and simple design. It’s easy to make. It's not intimidating for people to play because it’s so touchable. All the pieces’ shapes represent how they are able to move.


  • Get two different kinds of lumber that contrast (Maple and Mahogany are nice)

  • Plane down to ¾ inch

  • Cut into the pieces you see in the picture (make 12 pawns for each side for checkers)

  • Glue together, clamp

  • Sand Sand Sand

  • Using the same contrasting pieces of wood, cut out 3.5” squares of wood, 32 of each

  • Glue the squares to a piece of ¾ plywood in a checkerboard pattern

  • Cut off the excess plywood when dry

  • Add molding around the edge

  • Stain and Seal

What: A large chess board with unique pieces that look like the action each piece can take