Cement Table DIY

Stone Table (21).jpg

What: A stone table with a compass carved into the top.

Warning weighs 800 pounds


  • Create a mold

    • Lay out 1 or more sheets of melamine board to create a flat surface

    • Build a wall around the outer edge the width of the table top:  2” is good

    • Caulk all the gaps

  • Pour a ridiculous amount of cement into the mold

  • Add rebar

  • Now you have an 800 pound disk sitting on the floor

    • I tried to leverage it up for a whole day

    • I eventually invited 20 friends over and we all lifted it up onto the table

    • It cost me 2 cases of beer

  • Carve a compass into the top of it with a grinder

  • Coat the whole thing with gray drylok

  • Have the same 20 friends come over and adjust table to perfectly point north

    • This will take 2 more cases

What: An 800 pound table that is impervious to weather and gives you an excuse for not one, but two parties.