We Make Prototypes

Yes, we make prototypes. We make most anything. We pride ourselves on making. We love new inventions. We want to help you get on Shark Tank or maybe just recreate that long-forgotten object from your youth. We adore it when kids invent things (it looks great on a college application). Whatever weird, wacky object you would like to create, we would love to help. If we can’t do it, we will be honest and point you in the right direction.

“Welcome to the era of personalization of manufacturing”

If it’s an invention, we are happy to sign any paperwork you need to feel safe about your idea belonging to you alone. Basically, we won’t steal your idea...we consider that to be rude :). Your idea is safe with us.

I must warn you, it’s not uncommon to pay thousands of dollars to develop a prototype with other companies. But don’t worry, we pride ourselves on giving you a fair and honest price. Email us the basic idea and we can give you an idea of how to make it a reality.

To get started simply email us at origianalpuzzlecompany@gmail.com

We made each letter in a unique way to show off some of what is possible

Things we are pretty darn good at

3D printing

Laser cutting


Vinyl cutting

T-shirt bleaching

T-shirt vinyl

Screen printing

Glass etching





Public speaking

Vehicle modification




Laser engraving

Wooden pen

Custom furniture

Vinyl signs

Vinyl stickers

Leather work / leather engraving / leather imprinting

Workshop layout

Video editing

Video surveillance


Metal working


Custom computer input devices

Movie prop replication

Butcher block countertops

Furniture restoration

Mural art

Lock picking


Cabinet making

Silk screening

T shirt - Heat press vinyl

Just some of the cool things we have made