Battle Shots

BattleShots Battleships

Why you want to own this: Everyone knows how to play this already. It encourages drunken shenanigans.The shot glasses can be filled with M&Ms so kids love it too.

How to make your own: (DIY)

  • Build 3 out of 1x3

  • Cut out 7 pieces of plywood that fit perfectly in your frames

  • Cut some dowels that can be used as pegs

  • Stain half of them

  • Drill out holes into 4 of the pieces of plywood in a grid formation

  • Use the 2 of the 3 boards with no holes as backing for the outside of the box in the frame

  • Use the final board as the center sandwiched in between two other boards for the center frame

  • Put some hinges and locks on it, also a great idea to put a stabilizer to prop up the center part when the game is in play

  • Put some wheels on it (it's pretty heavy)

  • Make custom battle ships that have pegs on the bottom that match your grid and a hole that fits a shot glass

What you get: BATTLE SHOTS, it’s a large game. It’s an eye catcher. It’s a 5 by 5 grid game with 4 ships on each side that perfectly fit a shot glass. Everything is custom made. The ships can even be laser engraved to have the names of your friends on them.

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