Triumph Award

Triangle Award.jpg
Triangle Award.jpg

Triumph Award


Why: Because they deserve a unique, hand made, real wood award.


  • Use this file to cut medium-density acrylic with your laser cutter. (put your own message on it)

  • Cut two triangles of hardwood out with a CNC or table saw

  • Use a table saw to cut the 2 inside edges of wood, just thick enough for your acrylic to slide in.

  • Cut a rectangle out for the base

  • Sand, Sand, Sand

  • Screw the two wood pieces to the base

  • Seal with varathane to make the wood pop

  • Let dry

  • Insert the acrylic

What: a uniquely designed award made from Mahogany hardwood with your custom engraving on clear acrylic.

We are a small family business so we love encouraging students and the young-at-heart to make it yourself. We also enjoy being paid to make one for you. Everything we make is made with love and shipped for free to your door. If you make your own, please send us pictures and tips on how to make it even better. If you would like us to make one for you, you can hit the “Add to Cart” button. These items are all made to order just for you.

If you have any questions about how to make it feel free to email us

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